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Clarke Marine Electrical Services

Marine electrical design services for custom yacht builders.  Sales and support for nke Marine Electronics in the Newport and New England area. Based in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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Design of electrical and electronic systems for new build and upgrade projects. Full documentation including schematics, bills of material, installation notes and any programming files necessary. Design of custom electrical panels and bus bars. Packages used include AutoCAD Fusion for 3D modeling of cabinets, custom bus bars and mechanical components, AutoCAD Electrical for schematic drawings, Rhino 7 for collaborative work with designers and naval architects and manufacturer's configuration packages for digital switching systems and networked power control.

Design work conforms to the following where required:

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for Building and Classing Part 4

  • ABS Requirements for use of Lithium-Ion Batteries in the Marine and Offshore Industries

  • Marine and Coastguard Agency Marine Guidance Note 280 (M)

  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards

  • National Marine Electronics Association installation standards


nke Marine Electronics

Clarke Marine Electrical Services are the authorized reseller for nke Marine Electronics in the Newport and New England area. We can supply complete autopilot systems for new builds, upgrades for older parts and spare parts as required, many from stock held in Bristol RI. We have experience with the various systems and can provide a high level of technical support, both in the design of a system for your sailboat, or assistance with setting a system up to get the best out of it. We are also experienced in interfacing nke instrumentation with third party networks and devices.


Example Projects

  • Complete electrical design, electrical parts procurement and install supervision for performance cruising catamaran – there are pictures of the installation further down this page

  • Repair and upgrade of electrical systems on 70 to 125 ft yachts, including:

  • New hydraulic pumps and control

  • Wiring replacement and CAN Bus upgrade of dual cockpit helm stations

  • Replace tank level monitoring with modern ultrasonic sensors

  • Modernize refrigeration controls

  • Replace central circuit breaker panel with custom built, reverse printed polycarbonate coated aluminum panel with recessed rocker style switch/breakers

  • Replace dated control and timer relays for head ventilation, black water tank level management, toilet flushing system, AC power switching and monitoring and bilge alarm monitoring with a CZone distributed digital switching system

  • Complete replacement of nke instrumentation and autopilot and MFD with Radome on cruising catamaran

  • On site support for JPK 10.80 race boat competing in off shore distance races

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Complete Vessel Electrical Systems

Electrical and Electronic Design and Installation

We can provide the design and installation of all onboard electrical and electronic systems. Equipment from different vendors can be integrated to provide the seamless display and use of data on multiple platforms. Some of the systems integrated on this catamaran include nke Marine Electronics instrumentation and autopilot, Ocean Data Systems UpsideUp anti-capsize system, Volvo Glass Cockpit MFD, Side Power bow thruster, Harken electric winches and Lewmar electric windlasses. Most functions are controlled by a CZone digital switching system, and batteries and inverter/chargers by a MasterBus network.


Authorized NKE Reseller and Installer

NKE Instrumentation and autopilots

Whether you have a performance cruising boat, or are a solo ocean racer, nke instrumentation and autopilots supply unrivaled performance. We can advise on the best options to suit your application, and are experienced in interfacing the system to other NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 network components.

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Solar Panels

Custom arrays to suit your requirements

We can design solar panel arrays to suit your energy requirements, space available and likely cruising grounds.


Charge Controllers and Protection Diodes

Blocking and bypass diodes for parallel and series connected panels

The electrical arrangement of the panels is dependent on battery chemistry, battery voltage and panel specifications. The configuration is optimized to mitigate shading effects and ensure as much charge as possible is transferred to the batteries under all conditions. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controllers are used to maximize the transfer of energy to the batteries.

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Custom Bus Bars and Power Distribution

Networked power monitoring

Bus bars can be custom designed to suit charge and load requirements, and the physical space available. Remote monitoring of current flow, state of charge and battery voltage for multiple battery banks.


Optimized Charging Schemes

Battery chemistry includes LiFePO4, FLA, AGM and Gel batteries

Different battery chemistries require different charge settings. We design systems that optimize the charging of multiple battery types from multiple sources, including solar, engine alternator and other battery banks of the same or different voltage and type. Monitoring and control over a network provides a central place to view the state of charge of all connected sources.

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Ian Clarke


Ian is a professional electronics engineer and brings a wealth of knowledge to the design of complex marine electrical and electronic systems. His extensive experience as a licensed captain and sailing instructor give him a practical understanding of the importance of safety, reliability and the unique challenges of marine electrical systems.

All design and installation work conforms to the latest ABYC and NMEA standards.

Based in Bristol, Rhode Island but able to travel nationally or internationally if necessary.

ABYC Member

NMEA Member

Certified ABYC Marine Electrical Advisor

Certified NMEA Advanced Marine Electronics Installer

Certified Advanced NMEA 2000 Installer

Authorized NKE Reseller

Authorized Garmin Installer


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